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Winning Solutions 2019

Prize in the “Innovation for Digitalisation in the Supply Chain” Category

 Zoomlotracker – everis Initiatives

Zoomlotracker is the everis Initiatives platform, through Zoomlo, its initiative specialized in logistics and transport. Zoomlotracker allows end-to-end traceability of shipments and assets. It integrates with multiple IoT sensors to monitor the variables required by type of merchandise (location, temperature, humidity, shock, etc.) and allows comprehensive and centralized visibility regardless of the sensor used. In addition, important information, such as alarms, documentation, signatures or custody changes, can be registered in the Blockchain, generating its own certificate to later be able to execute the defined Smart Contracts.

Prize in the “Innovation for Sustainability of the Supply Chain” Category

Engage de Fijaplast

Engage from the company Tasaplast, specialized in developing solutions for packaging processes and lines depending on the customer’s starting situation, reduces the amount of plastic film used to shrink pallets by between 50 and 70 percent. The service is based on specialized software that allows different situations to be simulated (temperature, strong unexpected braking, terrain instability, etc.) to calibrate the minimum thickness of the plastic film packaging necessary to ensure maximum pallet load. As an added advantage,Fijaplast has the service operational in a truck that acts as a mobile laboratory, being able to move to the warehouses and logistics centers that are necessary to carry out the analyzes on site.

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Winning Solutions 2018

Prize in the “Innovation for Digitalisation in the Supply Chain” Category

Neosistec – Nuevos Sistemas Tecnologicos, S. L.

ddTags (distant dense speedy tags) is a new, patented code that far surpasses everything else on the market, including QR codes, bar codes and data matrix codes. ddTags can be read at a distance 12 times greater than existing dense codes, at angles up to 165 degrees both vertically and horizontally, at a speed of 0.04 seconds, and with a reading algorithm capable of identifying more than 200 codes at the same time, all with a standard cell phone. The result of this new bidimensional (BIDI) code is the NaviLens, fruit of an R&D process aimed at finding a solution that would allow the visually impaired to use without needing to know its precise location on their device.

Traditionally, the logistics sector has relied on bar codes and QR codes. After more than 30 years in existence, however, these systems no longer respond to the challenges of modern logistics. Over the last decades, the industry accepted their limitations by investing heavily in systems to improve readability in different devices and implementing new radio frequency reading solutions. Neosistec’s solution, however, addresses the code-design problem at its root by creating a totally new code.

With multiple applications thanks to its outstanding features, this new code represents an industry disruption by using new interfaces to facilitate data capture and task verification and implementation, and eliminating the need to individually read codes at short distances and directly in front of the scanned item. Lower costs, fewer process errors, and higher productivity and efficiency are among its numerous benefits.

By leveraging computer-vision algorithms, ddTags is easy to implement and highly scalable throughout the organization, while avoiding costly hardware investments.

Prize in the “Innovation for Sustainability of the Supply Chain” Category

Passion Motorbike Factory

SCOOBIC is a new-generation vehicle designed for last mile delivery, especially e-commerce parcels. Agile and light, it can navigate pedestrian streets like a scooter while holding a cargo capacity of a small truck. SCOOBIC is a fully electric-powered vehicle available on a per-use basis with no mileage limits with unprecedented autonomy and minimal recharging times. Moreover, all vehicles feature clean-air systems that aspirate and filter out suspended carbon particles, as well as life-saving defibrillators.

Do you want to know how was the delivery ceremony of the I DHL Green & Digital Innovation Awards” that took place on November 29, 2018?
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