//Climate change

Climate change

Climate change is one of the great problems we face in the 21st century. In DHL we are worried and, therefore, we want to make an effort to reduce the #Climatic Change.

If you want your company to be sustainable and face climate change, you must make efforts to achieve it. The involvement of employees in this process is a key element; the culture of awareness about this problem is limited and the implementation of programs where workers learn to respect the environment in their work spaces is essential. At DHL we are aware of this and, therefore, through the environmental program #GoGreen we will provide this type of program to our staff, carrying out activities such as the planting of 1 million trees each year.

In addition to raising awareness among your work team about the importance of this phenomenon, recycling should be part of your daily life within your company.

Reducing emissions linked to your organization and, if possible, eliminating them is one of the best solutions to avoid this problem in the long term. In DHL we are getting it through #GoGreen thanks to which we will produce 0 emissions in the year 2050 that will be applied to all the activities of our organization.

However, all this is not possible if you do not go beyond your organization and everything that surrounds it. Your work should be projected globally and go according to the objectives of other organizations such as the sustainable development programs of the United Nations.

If we all strive through concrete actions to avoid climate change, we will live in a better world. In DHL we bet for it.